We know that argentine cinema has changed for the better. & that it does so constantly in each one of the aspects through which a film comes into being: from the structure of production, the themes & of course, a healthy revolution of forms. On the (not so) short list of those responsible for this evolution is, of course, Sebastián Escofet, musician of a long career, author of various soundtracks & a self-taught rocker, as he defines himself. So no one better than Escofet to take a look at his musical future: “I was born in a family where music was very present. I was raised listening to classical, folk, tango & rock. At the age of twelve, inspired by a Pappo poster, I bought a Faim SG guitar & took lessons”. Not long would go by until he entered the scene at the right place at the right time. He was a stable guest musician for Los 7 Delfines, part of the Guardia del Fuego with Ulises Butrón, collaborated with Fabiana Cantilo & Maria Gabriela Epumer & when time allows, he gets onstage with his friends from Estelares. “Being a rocker is having an open mind, experimenting, seeking change, taking risks musically, supporting a career from complete independence. I’m a son of rock culture”, points out the musician who stands behind a body of work as eclectic as it is prolific: seven solo albums, music for theater, commercials & a good number of film soundtracks. Three of the latter have just been edited & they illustrate the range of sounds covered by Escofet’s composing palette. “I move freely among the abstract, the melodic, the harmonic, the rhythmic & the figurative within my limitations”, he says & summarizes in few words that moment in which image & sound come into communion: “When the director allows you to create, the music has an incredible fluidity in relation to the image. A visual structure can be a prison if it isn’t understood that image & music together create a third thing, a piece, a complete sensory experience”.

Lluvia (Asterisco)
Las vidas posibles (Asterisco)

Cordero de Dios (Asterisco)