I work with a top notch team that is capable of carrying out any musical task in all of its phases. We are equipped with high level technology (Protools, Universal Audio, Api, Neve, Neumann, Royer Labs, Gefell), all type of guitars, basses, electric and acoustic pianos, world music instruments, synthesizers and amplifiers.

We have three recording studios and can take on processes such as composing, programming, arranging, orchestrations, audio sketches, recording and digital or full analogical mixing.

Hernan Agrasar:

Sound and mix engineer for around 250 albums and over 30 films. He has worked with artists such as Gustavo Cerati, Onda Vaga, Attaque 77, Chango Spasiuk, La Portuaria and Utopians among others.

Julian Gandara:

Multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, arranger and orchestrator. For 10 years he was a member of Charly Garcia’s band.

Bodie Datino:

Producer, programmer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. He has worked with artists such as Richard Coleman, Francisco Bochaton, Zeta Bossio and Bernard Fowler.

Ian Shifres:

Very talented young promise, pianist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger. Winner of the 2014 Trinidad Guevara Award and the 2014 Hugo award.

Memi Sorrosal:

Brilliant singer and percussionist. Specialist in African and Hindu/ Indian rhythms. educational psychologist